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BBQ Sauce-Mad World

-By Brian

Let me introduce you to our BBQ Sauce section, which stands for Bargain Bin Quickies and… errrmmm… Sauce.  Basically a chance for us to post a quick review of a discounted title along with some links or info so you can snag a copy of the game for yourselves.

Our first entry is Mad World for the Wii which rang up for a low price of  $12.99 on Amazon.  Published by Sega just about a year ago, Mad World is an over the top beat-em up which is stylistically displayed in only 3 colors; black, white, and red.  Lots and lots of red.  The story setup can be quickly described as Smash TV on steroids.  You’re on a TV Show called DeathWatch and earn money as you progress in taking down the bad guys.

The game is fun for short bursts of time, but the gameplay soon grows tiresome due to the repetitiveness.  The highlight of the game is how well the controls are implemented with the Wii controller and nunchuk.  The music also jives well with the game, and really puts you in the mood to smash some faces.  The same can’t be said for the two TV announcers who appear in the game to give the play by play for the carnage displayed on screen.

It’s hard for me to recommend this game to people even at the current low price.  I had been eager to try the title myself so was glad I found it at such a low price, but I would recommend that others try renting the game first or at least watch some gameplay videos of it before making a purchase.

4Couples– I doubt it.

4Kids– Personally, I wouldn’t even let a teenage child of mine play this.  Definitely adults only, which is reasonable considering it is a M rated title.

UPDATE 3/12/10: This game can now be had for $9.49 on Amazon.

UPDATE 8/27/10: This game can now be had for $6.75 on  Amazon.

3 Responses to “BBQ Sauce-Mad World”

  1. I didnt think the game was so bad. (LOL maybe im screwed up in the head) I had lots of fun playing it. I agree though its very repetative.

    Great job Breakdown

  2. Thanks man.

    I might have expected too much out of the game, I think. It’s definitely a game I’ll continue playing, but I just wish the gameplay kept me interested for more than half an hour at a time.

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