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Battlefield: Bad Company 2 First Impression

 -By Allyn

I will not make this very long, but I just wanted to get my first impressions of the game out there after having played a few hours of both single player campaign and online multiplayer.

The Multiplayer:

These multiplayer maps are HUGE and the amount of character modifications/classes will definitely provide a ton of game variation.  I will honestly say that, for the most part, the games I have been in have been very unstructured.  This is to say that everyone starts out and just wanders off in all directions.  At times, squads have functioned together to retake a territory, overtake a group of enemies, etc. but in general the maps are so large and so few people have mics, there’s little coordination.  I am really hoping that changes as more people pick up the game, because the multiplayer really is amazing.  The environments are truly an FPS playground and as a bonus, the are 95% destructible which actually adds another dimension to the strategy.  I have also not waited more than 10 seconds to get into a game, which has been a true blessing.  On the downside, the controls will take some getting used to and feel awkward at times.  Also, the aiming for certain weapons is horrible,  but this is mainly noticeable for sniper rifles otherwise it would be a major flaw (still disconcerting though).  All in all, I am looking forward to a lot of online play…. once I get used to the controls and stop getting pwn’d by 9 year-olds.

The Single Player Campaign:

Let’s start with the good.  The visuals are amazing.  This is what I was expecting from Modern Warfare 2 and felt gyped on, but thankfully BC2 put forth the effort.  The environments rival Uncharted 2, AND they’re destructible!  What more can you ask for?!  If you also enjoyed some of the sarcasm and humor of the original Bad Company, you will not be dissapointed as they remain a continuous part of the story.  This is unfortunately where my positivity ends.  The weaponry is fairly standard, but OH MY GOD IS THE AIMING HORRIBLE (again most noticible with sniper rifle).  I was sniping from ~200 yds away, crouched behind a metal sheet, lined up a head-shot on a stationary enemy, MISSED, then was killed by 2 shots from his shotgun.  That’s right… SHOTGUN!  Enemies with shotguns can kill you from 100+ yds away.  This is a continuation and worsening of the problems I had in the multiplayer, but in this case more of the weapons have aiming hiccups.  This aiming issue becomes compounded when you are driving a vehicle.  Not only are the vehicle controls awkward, but you can’t quite seem to figure out where you should aim (and by you I mean the guy in the jeep manning the weapon that you also have to control while the other “you” drives the jeep).  Lastly, the story-line leaves much to be desired.  You are just kind of thrown into an underdeveloped story, you have no idea who everybody is, why you’re doing what you’re doing, or what exactly set up the scenario that you are playing out.  I am really hoping the story clarifies itself later, because if not, this will be one long, boring campaign.

6 Responses to “Battlefield: Bad Company 2 First Impression”

  1. It’s the same people from the first game, isn’t it?

  2. Haven’t tried multiplayer yet, so I can’t comment (when is good for you Allyn?). Single player, I will agree, this game looks and especially sounds great (did you turn on War Tapes in the options? if you didn’t, go back and turn your audio settings to War Tapes). I haven’t had any particular problem with the aiming. I know that you can’t really hold down the trigger for a while. It’s more of a stop and pop kind of game instead of spray and pray.

    I also love destructible environments! Love ’em. Makes ever situation different.

    Two concerns though. One, the shotgun from afar does bother me as well. I’m not sure if that translates into the multiplayer, but in the single player it’s almost a god weapon. Two, am I suppose to wait with my buddies as they just hang out and doing nothing? I feel like I should be pushing forward, but they don’t come with me until I hit some sort of imaginary line to spawn the next wave or enemies (sometime quite far from my squad). Kind of weird.

    • LOL, your comment reminded me that in the first game I used to push forward long enough to trigger the enemy spawn and then high tail it outta there in retreat while my AI buddies stayed and fought for me. Classic.

  3. The issue with your “Squadmates” in the single player took me a while to figure out, but it seems like they will occasionally push forward and establish a position just ahead of you, but mostly they will follow your lead through the battefiled. I actually really enjoyed being able to dictate where they went by just exploring the enviornment, unlike the COD series where you were just following the squads’ preset path.

    After playing a little bit more, I think most of the aiming issues I am having are with sniper rifles, but I have still “missed” point blank with other weapons. I know the sniper rifles are supposed to follow “bullet physics” in this game, but I think the physics are a little off. There is also no quantitative way to get a “range-to-target” from your scope, so the bullet drop physics can get frustrating to guess.

  4. Gravity’s a bitch. We still on to play this Sunday?

  5. I’m definitely on for Sunday, but I will also be online Saturday evening for a little while (~5 PM, my time) if you want to get a head start.

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