A jab at gaming – with love

I Shake My Fist at You, EA Games!!

-By Allyn

The latest offender:  Battlefield Bad Company 2

Why is it that game developers rush to get out a product without completely testing it?  I really think that ever since the latest gen consoles have come out, developers rely on being able to fix their bugs via patches/updates AFTER the release date.  Can you imagine what would happen if game developers had taken the same approach for Nintendo games?  Even PS2 games?  People would be breaking down store fronts asking for their money back!  If I am going to pay $60 for a game, I think I deserve to have a completed, relatively bug-free, fully functional game.  I don’t want to get home on release day and see things like  “Unable to connect to servers” or “EA store unavailable”,  I put in a preorder and got the limited edition so that I could have “early access” to online game functions, but alas, I cannot access those “early access” functions EARLY, because the EA store isn’t working!!  ARRGH!  I will try to calm down and play some single player and hope that things get fixed during the day, but if I have to wait a week for a patch…. then another patch….  I will, well, I guess I’ll just sit and wait in a huff becuase I can’t really do anything……  but I’ll be thinking very bad thoughts!  So THERE!

2 Responses to “I Shake My Fist at You, EA Games!!”

  1. That’s a bummer, singleplayer modes have never been Battlefield’s strong point. Hopefully things get sorted soon.

  2. Have they fix this yet? Seems like the servers keep going offline and then coming back online. People were warning me about EA servers and now I’m starting to understand what they meant.

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