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PS3 Home

– By Josh

With Playstation Home being updated tomorrow to 1.35 it got me thinking, what would make me – or anyone for that matter – interested in exploring Home? I have at least two ideas that would make Home more front and center to the Playstation experience:

1) Make Home (and Playstation Life) a boot-able option.

If Home were a boot-able option, it would at least introduce people to what Home is. Just like there is an Auto-Game-Boot option, perhaps an Auto-Home-Boot option would be good as well. I know no one should be forced into Home, but spawning in automatically, perhaps asking if anyone wants to play an online game before starting could be a pleasant experience. Also, instead of just auto-booting it could be a start-up option similar to the start-up of a system with multiple users.

2) Allow multiple users from the same console [at the same time].

While I understand that this option may be more technically difficult, I think it would lead to more interaction between users in community spaces. While some people enjoy going to the Mall or Theater alone, many people like to go with friends. Giving the ability to add just one other person to the experience would greatly enhance the number of people who would be willing to explore the spaces within Home. Just like LBP, as well as the Wii Mii Channel, everything is more fun when you can experience games/content with people around you.


5 Responses to “PS3 Home”

  1. The PS3 allows multiple users, each with their own trophies and friends list. And I know on the PSN, you can separate these users into Master and Sub accounts.

    Are you sure that a 2nd user on the PS3 wouldn’t have their own avatar in Home? It only makes sense that the would, but I’ve never tried it.

    Or are you saying you want two people at the same time to be able to sign into home from the same system?

    With HDTV’s being widescreen, I’ve really grown to hate couch co-op games which split the screen horizontally. If they do add the feature to Home, I’d hope they’d keep it single screen and just pull the camera out to a certain degree if so characters could move somewhat freely.

  2. I would like multiple people at the same time. This way the gf and I could go onto Home at the same time, not just alone through separate accounts. With home I think they could do it on the same screen (similarly to Fable II’s setup). I still like having split screen in games – I’m really excited for Modnation Racer’s 4-player split screen, 2-player online split screen!

  3. Glad to see you’re into Modnation, I’m looking forward to that as well.

    Anywho, thanks for clarifying, now I’m off to play some Final Fantasy XIII!!

  4. Am I seriously underutilizing the home function on my PS3? I remember when I first saw Home during the beta testing *wink* I thought it was the greatest thing since Double Switch. Since then, I’ve maybe been on there twice in the last year. Is this something I should check out more frequently?

    • Daniel, great to have a repeat poster!

      I was part of the Home beta, and also tried it out for awhile once it went “Live”. I just didn’t see much point in it. Bowling was awesome, but that was about it.

      The lack of fun things to do (sorry, I don’t think paying .99 cents for a virtual t-shirt is that fun) and the fact that it took up so much space on my HDD lead me to eventually delete it altogether.

      I really don’t think you’re missing much, but that’s just my two cents.

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