A jab at gaming – with love

Game Night

By Josh

I’m currently playing some Final Fantasy XIII and looking forward to God of War III tomorrow, but I got to thinking we should have a game night. Perhaps BF:BC2? Or CoD:MW2 (at least we all have that game)?

Mostly I’m stoked to have a couples game night with ModNation Racers now that it has a release date of May 25th.

4 Responses to “Game Night”

  1. I am totally up for both, but in the short term… seriously: BF:BC2 is the best online multiplayer I’ve every played. Hands down.

    As for ModNation, the biggest problem will be putting the controller down. We have to have a track design tournament or something, cause once I hit the track editor…… It’s on like donkey kong!

  2. I’m down for playing, but my time right now is mostly spent between MAG and FFXIII. Then next week I’m leaving for Japan, so I’ll be gone about a week.

    In general nights work best for me, usually after 7 or 8 pm central time.

  3. I hope you plan to post pictures when you get back!

  4. Of course.

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