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MAG DLC and Double XP Extravaganza

-By Brian

Heads up for all you MAG lovers out there, not only are we getting some free DLC (the best kind of DLC, I might add) but there is also a double XP weekend coming up.  March 25th thru March 28th you’ll double your experience earned at the end of each match, which technically is quadruple experience assuming you pay attention to your squad leaders.

More info on what the DLC contains can be found on Zipper’s official blog.


One Response to “MAG DLC and Double XP Extravaganza”

  1. Yahhh, more free DLC! Oh, it’s for snipers, boooo!!!

    New DLC for MAG will hit 04/29/2010. It adds some new sniper rifles and improved light armor for all 3 classes. Have fun, kids!

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