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God of War III – Impression

By Josh

With an enormous amount of hype already behind this game – a 7/Eleven slurpee no less – it’s been hard to keep expectations in check. That being said, God of War 3 is like God of War 1 & 2 with great action, great visuals, and great gameplay.

If you’ve never played a God of War game, what’s wrong with you? I kid of course, but God of War is a great action game that focuses on making the player feel powerful within the context of the gameplay instead of rewarding players with chaining superlong combos. Thus, God of War has always been a little more approachable than some of the other action title because I lack the skill to remember the fighting combos necessary to become successful in the game.

My early impressions of the game are swimmingly positive. Everything about the series has been turned up a notch to make this game the most stunning, elegant, and visceral experience. Beautiful environments, great sound, and tight gameplay are all abound. The Devs at Santa Monica have even stolen some of the camera work from Uncharted 2 that further engulf the player into the experience.

I look forward to completing the game soon.

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