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You Know You’ve Been Playing Too Much Bad Company 2 If…..

-By Allyn

I know that I’ve been playing a ton of Bad Company 2, but it got me thinking…. how do you know when enough becomes too much…..

Here it is, Letterman style:

#10 – When crossing open areas, you obsessively check the surrounding high areas looking for hidden snipers.

#9 – When you hear a helicopter in the distance while walking outside, you immediately scurry behind any cover you can find and wonder where you stashed your AT4.

#8 – When you see someone fall to the ground, you go running over screaming, “Stand back, I’m a Medic!”

#7 – When waiting to meet up with your friends, you find the nearest bush and crouch in it until they arrive.

#6 – When you hear the sound of the UPS truck getting closer, you instinctively run to the middle of the street looking for a good place to lay down some mines.

#5 – When anything mechanical breaks, you try to fix it by grinding an air ratchet on its side.

#4 – When your boss asks you “How are things going?”, you mutter something about how people shouldn’t be able to snipe you with a machine gun from 1000 yards away.

#3 – When people are standing in front of you blocking your way, you have the overwhelming urge to knife them so that they move forward.

#2 – When refilling your stapler at work, you spontaneously yell out “COVER ME, I’M RELOADING!!”

#1 – While you are supposed to be working, you compulsively think of ways to tell if you’ve been playing too much Battlefield: Bad Company 2 multiplayer.


9 Responses to “You Know You’ve Been Playing Too Much Bad Company 2 If…..”

  1. Nice article Breakdown. I LOL’d

  2. I’m starting to get that CoD frustration in this game. I still enjoy it, but man going alone is difficult. Anyway, I should be on tonight.

  3. Kingre, this was posted by Allyn, not me.

    And Josh, MAG is still the best online shooter out right now. Teamwork, FTW!

  4. Bad company 2 is on amazon right now for $44.50 with free shipping. Also, Bad company 2 is a better online shooter than MAG. Sorry Brian.

    Hope you’re having fun in Japan!

    • When you get tired of your army of one missions in BF:BC2, you’ll come crawling back to MAG.

      • Hmm… I still it all depends on friends. I won’t play MAG without other people on my friends list as oppose to BF:BC2 which I will play sometimes with randoms.

      • I’ve had good luck joining random good squads in MAG. Occasionally you get stuck with a new squad leader who might not know what’s up, but it’s kinda fun showing newbies the ropes too.

        In most BF and COD games, newbs and veterans alike tend to do their own thing, IME.

        You, me and Allyn should play some Uncharted 2 again sometime.

      • Are you back in the states? We should totally get on some Uncharted 2.

      • Yes, I am back in the states.

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