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God of War III Review

By Josh

God of War III is third hack and slash action game that features our anti-hero Kratos. If you’ve never played God of War, or a hack and slash action game, God of War is one of the most approachable games within the genre. For a history of the trilogy, I would recommend playing the games as they are great games, but if you are a strapped for time (or cash), then you can just read the Wikipedia page.

What I Liked:

Beautiful Presentation – God of War III is a technical showpiece for the PS3. From the large environments and lighting to the blood and violence, everything looks and runs well. The music and sound effects swell and fade appropriately for the situation and mix well with the action on screen. The character modeling is little cartoony, but fits well with the art direction. Overall, this game is one of the best looking games on the PS3.

Gameplay – God of War III sticks with the same style of gameplay from the previous iterations in the series. The most significant difference is that the quick-time button notifications have moved from the center of the action (overlayed on top) to the edges of the screen. The edge of the screen would blink and correspond to the necessary button press (top of screen for Δ, bottom of screen for X, etc.). I found this to be advantageous because I could continue to look at the action without the QTE blocking it. Also, God of War doesn’t focus so heavily on combos to be successful as oppose to other games in the genre, thus if one isn’t so great at continuously long strings of button presses (or remembering them), you can still feel powerful and successful in the game.

Weapons – In the previous games I always thought switching weapons made no sense; I mean Kratos has blades on chains that he can whip around, why would I want anything else? In this game there are distinct differences between the weapons and given that you can switch in the fly makes them even more useful. In this game, switching weapons was actually fun. Who would have thought?

Satisfying End – As the last game in the Kratos story arc, it is good final tribute to the series.

What is Questionable:

Haven’t I Done This Before – Without any spoilers, the story arc seems very similar to God of War II. Yes, there may be more gods to kill and more blood to spill, but something seems a little too familiar.

Flying/Falling – There are parts in the game when Kratos is flying up a shaft of falling down a shaft. I did not enjoy these parts at all. Mostly because I had trouble moving Kratos fast enough away from obstacles, but also because I felt like the movement was kind of sluggish (and when I dashed with the right thumbstick Kratos would dash too far and hit a rock or beam).

OVERALL – 4 STARS. Not really much else that I want to say about this game except that I’m sure anyone who picks it up will enjoy it immensely. Great action game that everyone should play, unless you don’t like good games.

4Couples – Can’t really recommend this as a couples games since it is single player only. Perhaps you and your SO [significant other] could switch after ever boss battle… or brutal kill.


One Response to “God of War III Review”

  1. The chains were good for multiple weaker enemies; the blades were more powerful but shorter ranged, so much more effective for single more powerful foes.

    I still need to beat GOW II HD. I hate the flying parts, but other than than it’s a tasty romp.

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