A jab at gaming – with love

Even the NY Times agrees

By Josh

Battlefield: Bad Company 2 is better than Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2. Brian, now you have to get it.


6 Responses to “Even the NY Times agrees”

  1. LOL, I’m too deep into MAG. Did you know if you get a Platoon Leader into a vehicle it automatically repairs? It’s a rolling death machine!! AWESOME!

  2. Still man, if we can get all three of us into BF:BC2 online games, we could dominate. I am borderline willing to take up a collection at work to buy the game for you! You could even rent it for a little bit to test it out if you’re unsure. I’m telling you Brian, you gotta try it out…. please?

  3. It’s not that I’m unfamiliar with it; I’ve have every edition of Battlefield from the original up to the DLC BF 1943, and I’ve played the demo.

    I just don’t have enough time for it right now (FFXIII, Yakuza 3, and MAG), and I think I’d prefer MAG to BF2. I do miss playing with you guys though, so a weekend rental could be in order.

    If I rented it this weekend, are you two free for some gametime? I don’t want to rent it only to find out Josh or you are have some GF exclusive weekend and can’t play or something. That would make me a sad panda.

  4. I’m up for any weekend. Just give me a couple days notice, I would hate to be responsible for a sad panda 😦

    As a side note, Allyn, you need to get Uncharted 2 back from your “friend.” I say “friend” because any other friend would have returned the game to you.

    Oh, as another side note, I have a friend who works on the design team at Rockstar who is working on Red Dead Redemption. I’m going to ask him if I can interview him for our site (hopefully not to get him in trouble though). Any of you planning to get Red Dead?

  5. I am for sure getting Red Dead. Looks fantastic. I loved GUN on PS2.

  6. I could try to weasel out some more time this weekend for BF:BC2, but I would be guaranteed all day next Sunday the 18th since my other half will be on a field trip to Yosemite. As far as Uncharted 2, I know, I know… I was trying to be a nice guy and now this guy keeps saying he forgot to bring it and he’ll bring it tomorrow…

    Let me know about this weekend or next, cuz I don’t want to be responsible for the depression of a chinese endangered bear either.

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