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BBQ Sauce- Quantum of Solace

Bond, James Bond– by Brian

Are you sitting down?  I’m not being rhetorical, I need to know.  Our site is not insured and I’m about to say something shocking.  Quantum of Solace is not only a game licensed off of a movie…  it’s also a good game.  Big breath now, are you still with me?  You okay? Good.  Let’s continue.

Maybe it’s because I had the bar set so low for a licensed game, or maybe it’s because I was ready for a new FPS after the 40+ hours of grinding I’ve done in Final Fantasy XIII, but for some reason this game clicked.  Quantum of Solace is a FPS with some TPS cover elements added, set to the story-lines of both Quantum of Solace and Casino Royale.

Upon release, I passed over this game as I’m sure a lot of people did; mostly because it’s a licensed game and GOOD licensed games are harder to find than that Black Lotus card you’ve just mortgaged the house to buy.   Thankfully this game was reduced to the “can’t pass this up” price of $15 at a local Target and was promptly picked up by a good friend of mine.

The graphics are somewhat dated, I’d say falling somewhere around PS2.75 or maybe X-Box 350-ish level.  However, the levels are varied and expansive.  I was impressed with all the locations and environments they put into the game.  Each level is a different setting and locale, and when that is placed on top of solid shooting gameplay and good cover mechanics, you have the recipe for a fun time.

This game didn’t win any awards, and it’s not going to blow your mind, but if you can find a copy for $15 or less (and I’m sure you can) and are perhaps looking for a placeholder until the next big FPS; then with a clear conscience I can recommend you check this game out for yourself.

4Couples- It has Daniel Craig in it, that’s got to score some points with the ladies.  The game is single player only locally, with online gameplay as well.

4Kids–  The display of violence is fairly tame, bad guys fall down when you shoot them but I don’t recall any copious amounts of blood spraying out.  I’d say the T for Teens labeling is appropriate, and depending on maturity level of the child I don’t think most would be too severely corrupted by playing this game.


9 Responses to “BBQ Sauce- Quantum of Solace”

  1. I would definitely say that this is a very playable, enjoyable game. To me, it’s a solid four star game. I would agree that the graphics are a little poor and to me the story line is kind of all over the place with the two movie plots being intertwined. However, it’s a great little FPS with a few spy/gadget elements thrown in for a fun “Bond” feel to it. Well done Brian, well done.

  2. I wanted to mention the story, but the “quickie” review was getting a bit long.

    The story kinda seemed to be jumping all over the place. At the end of one level I’d learn that I was supposed to go look for some girl, and suddenly at the start of the next level me and the girl were jumping from an airplane together or something. I guess I found her, lol.

    I thought originally maybe that it seemed so random because I haven’t actually seen Quantum of Solace the movie, only Casino Royale. From what you’re saying though, it seems like it wasn’t just me.

    Anyway, thanks for the comment. You earn “my best friend on the internet on a tuesday and commenting on my post” award. Congrats.

  3. The Black Lotus card is totally worth it. Zero mana to play and three mana of any color as an interrupt! Who wouldn’t purchase it.

    As a side note, the WotC later released a Lotus Petal which was zero mana to play and one mana of any color as an interrupt – it was the most valuable common card ever.

    Brian, did you ever play MtG?

  4. NEERRRDD!!!

    Yeah, I played. I think I still have my decks, though I was never uber into it.

  5. Really guys, MTG? You weren’t a real CCG nerd until you’ve played Star Wars CCG, Doomtrooper, Rage, and Sim City: The Card Game. Whaz up?!?!?

  6. Sim City had a card game? I’m blown away, my hat is off to your knowledge of card games, fella.

  7. This was a good movie tie in. The 360 version was good. The Wii version got the short end of the stick. Ive gotta review on my site if your intrested.

    • Go ahead and post or email me the link, I’ll check it out.

      A lot of your reviews I’m interested in, I just have trouble finding them when they are the most current review you’ve done.

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