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Silent Hill: Shattered Memories – PSP

– By Josh

Recently, I’ve been getting back into mobile gaming. While I will have a couple of reviews of iPhone/iPod/iPad games that I will post soon, I’ve been trying to put some more time into the PSP.

I’ve never played a Silent Hill game before, so I went into Silent Hill: Shattered Memories with no idea of its history beside there might be some creepy nurses. Overall I found this game to be a fun, tense, adventure game that left me understanding why people enjoy the series Silent Hill.

First, let me say that this is purely an adventure game that is about solving puzzles, finding mysterious objects/images, and overall trying to figure out what’s going on. For the sake of enjoying this game, I will not link the Wikipedia page and suggest that you minimize your exposure to finding out the major plot twist that happens at the end. Let’s just say, you play a guy named Harry, crash your car with your daughter in it, wake up from the crash to realized that you can’t find her – Oh, and all you have is a flashlight and a cell phone (that obviously must use AT&T, because your single is wacky).

What I like:

Slick presentation – The game plays from the aspect of watching a DVD or VHS. This is consistent throughout the game and actually works into how the game is played. Audio interference, portrayed through your cell phone, and graphical “glitches” play as clues in the game.

Audio – Voice work is convincing and playing with headphones is really engrossing, leading to tense situations.

Story – The game actually has a story that makes sense and resolves. From the beginning you’ll often feel confused about what you should be doing, but the linear setup makes it easy to not get lost. Characters are believable and enjoyable to watch develop.

Some Choice – There are parts in the game that choice is required. They added to the overarching story in a satisfying way.

What is questionable:

Control – This game was obviously designed for the Wii first and then ported to the PSP. Not huge disservices to the game, but some of the controls are wonky. While running away at times I had to properly time when I would throwdown a bookcase as there is no indication of whether you’ll throw it in front of you (thus blocking your path momentarily) or throw it behind you (thus increasing space between you and the person chasing you).

Gameplay options – This game is not about combat, it’s about running. While I enjoy running, I think the devs could have added more game types to action sequences besides flairs, bookcases, and running.

Choice? – While this game uses choice satisfyingly, I’m not sure how choice had an ultimate effect in the end. Besides different clothing or different colored objects, I didn’t really notice much.

OVERALL – I would recommend playing this game, especially if you want to know what “Silent Hill” is about. I found it very thrilling at times, but ultimately it was the story and solving the mystery of Silent Hill that kept me playing. While the cost/benefit of some iPhone games is so high, it’s hard for me to recommend buying at the current price point (~$30, amazon). But, if you can find it for around $15-$20 you should definitely give it a go.

I played the downloaded version from the PSN on a PSP-3000

Currently I’m playing: Persona 3 Portable, Tilt to Live, Plants vs. Zombies, & Angry Birds.

3 Responses to “Silent Hill: Shattered Memories – PSP”

  1. I really liked this game. I got it for Wii and beat it a few days later. Its not scary but i think Silent Hill fans will be satisfied.

    • Yeah, I would agree that it’s not scary. It’s has tense moments though. Also, I think playing the game with headphone on a portable seems to make the experience more intimate than on a console and TV setup.

  2. That’s interesting about the portable being more intimate, but I guess it makes sense. Especially with the headphones.

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