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Might and Magic: Heroes and Kingdoms- Shameless Plug

-by Brian

Ever wanted to experience the thrill of horseback riding at full speed through a lush and detailed 3D environment?  Have you ever wanted to achieve the solemn satisfaction that only comes after brutally slaying an evil horde of monsters with your ferocious real-time button mashing skillz?

Well, this game offers none of that, but what it does offer is a fun browser based sim style game that users of previous Might and Magic games might have some familiarity with.

This game requires no download or installation, it runs completely from your browser.  Actions you set in motion in the game typically take hours before reaching completion, which enables more casual users the option of checking the game only a few times throughout the day to micromanage the events going on.  And probably the best feature of all; clicking the link below and trying it out for yourself gives me a nice bonus of Gold for referring you.

Seriously though, this is a pretty fun game which I think a lot of people with similar tastes as me would also enjoy.  Give it a spin, poke around a bit, and reply here with any thoughts or questions you might have.  I’m on the Zombie Assembly server, for those that wish to find me.  FOR GLORY!!!


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