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Playstation Move – Meetup in DC

By Josh

So I was lucky enough to attend the Meet-Up in DC sponsored by Playstation. I was able to try out the Move and also got to speak to Dr. Richard Marks, inventor of the Move tech.

First off, the tech itself is amazing. Very accurate and responsive. The rumble is nice and is felt more at the base of the unit then near the buttons. The game I was most impressed with was Echochrome 2. I wasn’t particularly impressed with Echochrome 1, but Echochrome 2 really clicked for me.

Also impressive was the augmented reality demos. Limited to sets of mini games at the moment, it adds something that hasn’t really been done before (i.e. putting yourself in the game and having an animated object in place of the Move controller). The tracking also seemed to work well in the low light setting we were playing in.

I asked Dr. Marks a couple of questions and I’ll paraphrasing what he told me.

Q: Can the Playstation Eye work in both the zoomed-in mode and wide-angle?

A: Yes, but it’s best when using the wide-angle, otherwise you’ll have to stand far away for it to accurately gauge your motion.

Q: When judging motion in the Z-axis (motion towards the camera), or any motion, is the software written to judge the change in sphere shape first, or the acceleration from the Move accelerometer first, or is there a certain percentage/priority?

A: The Eye judges the sphere first, unless it cannot be seen. If it cannot be seen, it then judges the data from the accelerometers.

Q: When compared to Microsoft’s Kinect, is there any hardware limitation to the Playstation Eye’s voice recognition?

A: Due to Kinect’s greater spacing in microphones, it is more able to reduce background noise, but as for voice recognition, no. Voice recognition is all software based.

Overall, I thought the tech was very solid. Now I’m just waiting for the game that will push me over the edge.

Bonus photo of one of the judges from “The Tester.” I think he’s VP of SCEA marketing, but don’t quote me.


One Response to “Playstation Move – Meetup in DC”

  1. Cool stuff, Josh. Did you get an invite for this event specifically, or was it just open to the public?

    With your Wii experience, how to you compare the two now that you’ve tried Move?

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