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Happy Day After Lunar New Year

By Josh

What I’ve been playing.

I popped in Dead Space 2 the other night hoping to get at least started with the game before I go away for the weekend. I ended up deciding to play Dead Space Extraction (DSE) instead as my girlfriend wanted to do something instead of “watching me play videogames.”  DSE comes on the disc of the Dead Space 2, but it comes as a package install. Thus, we had to wait ~20 mins before we could start playing. I guess it’s not horrible, but I’d prefer if I could have just played it off the disc.

Getting to the game, it was actually kind of fun. The up-res-ed graphics look good and the move controls work well. That said the voice acting – so far – is really awkward if not bad in parts. I’m not too far into the game, but the voice acting stands out. Also, as much fun as light gun games are, I found this game a little dizzying due to the camera shake involved your character moving, but unable to control it.

As a corollary, when playing co-op, your partner’s reticule can be somewhat distracting. Especially, when she constantly puts it over on my side of the screen, and places it over peoples’ faces when they are speaking. L

I’ve also played a little LittleBigPlanet 2, as well as Sackboy’s Prehistoric Moves. I can’t stop smiling when I play this game. I let me be clear, I always play this game with my girlfriend, which I feel really makes the experience worthwhile. There is something to be said for when I’m trying to load the levels of the game and her sackgirl is busy thrusting her hips into my face.

I’m also playing Mass Effect 2 as well as Netflix streaming Battlestar Galaxtica. I’m getting an overload of FTLs and CICs and I love it! As for Mass Effect 2, so far this game grabs and doesn’t let go. I will have to say that I didn’t play the original Mass Effect and I didn’t download the “graphic novel/decision guide” until after I started playing so the beginning of the game was a little confusing (~ 1st hour). After that I think it is amazing. My one, and possible only, concern is the Paragon/Renegade system.  Most of the time the dialog tree is pretty uniformed and the Paragon decision is in one spot and the Renegade decision is in another spot. But sometimes you are displayed the option to select a “better” Paragon choice or a “better” Renegade choice, but if you aren’t of sufficient “level” to make that decision you cannot select it. So now in my future decisions I am changing my decisions because I’m trying to specifically increase my Renegade points, even though I generally play the Paragon role. I’m not sure how they would fix this as they want the player to know the option is there, but for me if affects how I make future decisions.

Oh, I’m still playing Battlefield: Bad Company 2 as well. I’m looking forward to hearing more about Battlefield 3 as well.


5 Responses to “Happy Day After Lunar New Year”

  1. I bet Dead Space Extraction looks amazing on PS3. On Wii its a pretty good looking game one of the best. Ive gotta review if your intrested. ALSO!!!!
    I heard the Characters from Extraction were gonna be in Dead Space 2 is this true?

  2. Holy crud, I had no idea what Dead Space Extraction actually was on the PS3 version (I knew of the Wii game, but obviously wasn’t connecting the dots). I was thinking it was the awful Dead Space comic game that I got for pre-ordering with Amazon. I’ll have to check it out.

    As far as ME2, you’re much better off Josh to play either all Paragon or all Renegade. Don’t try to go down the middle. I don’t think you’ll get enough points in a single play through on either side to unlock both Super Paragon and Super Renegade options at the same time. There are some options where you basically have to be maxed out in one or the other or you can’t access it at all.

    I know it might seem like you won’t want to play it a second time, but I’m doing so right now and playing Renegade is hilarious. Never knew being a jerk could be so much fun. Also, by doing 2 play-thrus, you can select different story options as well so you can see how those play out in ME2 and even on into ME3 if you want.

    ME1 isn’t worth going out and hunting down. It was fun at the time, but pretty much every aspect of the game was improved on in ME2.

  3. I should add, and complete play-thru of ME2 should only be about 30 hours or so, so it’s not insanely long like some RPG’s. Playing through twice is pretty easy.

  4. I’m currently just trying to play it they way I would play it (mostly Paragon). But I’ll probably go back and play through it again (which is a rarity for me!).

    PS, I’m still going to finish FFXIII…

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