A jab at gaming – with love

PLAYtime #2

By Josh

This week I tried my hardest to beat Mass Effect 2 without letting anyone die. I have failed. If you haven’t beaten Mass Effect 2 I will try to keep everything as spoiler free as possible. That being said, I had to go online to try to figure out how to keep everyone from dying. It doesn’t help that the end sequence (from the last possible save stop) takes a little more than an hour. Pretty much what I’ve learned is that you need to have everyone loyal to you (except the DLC add-ons) and who you pick as “team leaders” is important. I have one more combination to try and if this fails, I will just have to start over. I was planning to play the game again anyway, and you can continue your character when you start a new game.

Played some more Battlefield: Bad Company 2 over the weekend. Damn I love this game. I know Brian has said that the game is “awful,” but it’s still my online shooter of choice. Now if I could only find two more people to play regularly.

I’m about one-third of the way through Dead Space 2. I’m really digging how much better the gameplay is from the first Dead Space. I have some minor reservations about the pacing of the game, but I will wait until I’m more into the game to see if that changes.

The most exciting thing I want to talk about is the Killzone 3 demo. I know I said before that I wanted to remain naïve to the game, but in a moment of weakness, I ended up downloading the open beta as well as the single player demo. I played a little with the open beta, bots only, but the single player demo is… amazing. I’m not one who enjoys demos. I think the last demo I enjoyed was either the original Doom demo, or the Unreal Tournament 2004 demo. The Killzone 3 demo fixed a lot of the issues with Killzone 2. The guns move faster, the people move faster, everything looks gorgeous and everything works well. Even the Move works well, although I’ve only spent a little time with it. I’ve played through the demo twice and I’m even more excited about the game. I think the only “problem” is that I feel the guns don’t do that much damage even when changing difficulties. This was similar to Killzone 2, but the enemies are really bullet-sponges. I also kind of wish there were a map, or some objective indicator. Oh well, the game is so intense and just an audio-visual feast… and that’s just the demo.

I’ll be online on Monday. Have a great President’s Day weekend.


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