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SOCOM 4 Beta

By Josh

Like many people, I have jumped into the SOCOM 4 beta available now on the PSN. SOCOM 4 is a third-person shooter made by Zipper Interactive. They have previously made MAG for the PS3 as well as a bunch of other games in the SOCOM franchise on the PS2. I also want to acknowledge that I have never played a SOCOM game before.

When I first played the beta for about 20 mins, I did not enjoy it. The controls seemed clunky and I kept getting headshot killed. Also, the only available multiplayer mode was team death match, which I somewhat loath.

I decided that I had not given SOCOM 4 a fare shake and decided to try again once they had some objective based games. Somehow everything kind of clicked this time around. First thing I can recommend it that this is not a run-and-gun game. If you like run-and-gun gameplay, a la Call of Duty, you will not enjoy this game. SOCOM, with its cover system, definitely gives advantages to shooting people from a distance with a moderate tempo. The game also lends to using flanking tactics to gain advantage. If you have at least one other person with a mic that is willing to communicate, your team will do significantly better.

There are a couple of things that I would change, which have also been mentioned on the SOCOM forums.

1) Lobby system. I’m not sure if this is just the beta, but I have no idea how you group up with people on your friends list, short of joining a clan.

2) Shooting from third person. Sometimes when crouching in third person, it appears that you have a clean shot at someone. But when you go to fire, you end up shooting the top of the crate you are crouching behind. I know they sometimes they try to “gray-out” the crosshairs when you can’t make a shot, but I just wish it would also “gray-out” when you are crouching and can’t make a clear shot.

3) Camera. Sometimes when your character is in a tight space, the camera will squish up against your body. This makes the playing field very disorienting and often time you haven’t to move out of cover just to get your bearings. (SOCOM forums have indicated they they are planning to make adjustments to the camera as a day one patch)

Side Notes) A grenade throwing silhouette indicating how far you are intending to toss one. Also, it could just be me, but I get killed by headshots… a lot.

These are my three major issues. Other than these, I’m really digging the game. (PS, people in the SOCOM forums are really harsh on the game)


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