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Playstation Move – Meetup in DC

August 26, 2010

By Josh So I was lucky enough to attend the Meet-Up in DC sponsored by Playstation. I was able to try out the Move and also got to speak to Dr. Richard Marks, inventor of the Move tech. First off, the tech itself is amazing. Very accurate and responsive. The rumble is nice and is […]

Silent Hill: Shattered Memories – PSP

July 15, 2010

– By Josh Recently, I’ve been getting back into mobile gaming. While I will have a couple of reviews of iPhone/iPod/iPad games that I will post soon, I’ve been trying to put some more time into the PSP. I’ve never played a Silent Hill game before, so I went into Silent Hill: Shattered Memories with […]

Yakuza 3-Impression

April 21, 2010

-By Brian Over the many years of life I’ve gotten to enjoy as myself, I’ve come to learn a few things about me I thought I’d share.  I love giant robots, I love video games, and I love anime.  In short, I think I should have been born Japanese. Yakuza 3 is an Action-Adventure game […]

God of War III – Impression

March 22, 2010

By Josh With an enormous amount of hype already behind this game – a 7/Eleven slurpee no less – it’s been hard to keep expectations in check. That being said, God of War 3 is like God of War 1 & 2 with great action, great visuals, and great gameplay. If you’ve never played a […]

Battlefield: Bad Company 2 First Impression

March 3, 2010

 -By Allyn I will not make this very long, but I just wanted to get my first impressions of the game out there after having played a few hours of both single player campaign and online multiplayer. The Multiplayer: These multiplayer maps are HUGE and the amount of character modifications/classes will definitely provide a ton […]

MAG Impressions

February 25, 2010

-By Brian Magnanimous?  Magnifico?  Magniloquent?  Don’t worry, no one knows what these words actually mean.  Spell check doesn’t even recognize one of them.  But what does MAG mean?  What does MAG stand for?  Hopefully this blog will help to answer these questions for you. MAG originally was an acronym for Massive Action Game.  Although the […]

Heavy Rain Impression

February 24, 2010

– By Josh I assume that if you’re reading this you’ve probably heard of Heavy Rain. So I’m not going to explain what Heavy Rain is, but rather my early impressions of game (~ 3 hours). Don’t worry, they are spoiler free. What I like: Narrative – What keeps me interested in games is a […]