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SOCOM 4 Beta

April 7, 2011

By Josh Like many people, I have jumped into the SOCOM 4 beta available now on the PSN. SOCOM 4 is a third-person shooter made by Zipper Interactive. They have previously made MAG for the PS3 as well as a bunch of other games in the SOCOM franchise on the PS2. I also want to […]

Killzone 3 Review

March 18, 2011

by Brian Three strikes and you’re out.  It’s a simple enough concept for most to grasp.  From kids playing in little league, high school girls playing softball, all the way up to the performance enhanced playboys of summer like Alex Rodriguez; all understand this basic rule.  It’s probably the single most well known rule in […]

Shenmue: The End

March 8, 2011

-by Brian Tired of waiting for Sega to finally approve the long awaited Shenmue 3?  Is your life left near meaningless as you ache to know the ending to the epic tale of Ryo Hazuki?  With other vaporware juggernauts like Duke Nukem Forever FINALLY getting released, it’s almost cruel that other eagerly anticipated titles such […]

Group Dynamics- Dead Space 2: Multiplayer

March 1, 2011

Here at Gaming Jab, we appreciate the fact that games aren’t always intended to be solo-experiences and we enjoy the often rich and rewarding gameplay that can be found when playing with a few friends.  While it doesn’t happen nearly as often as we’d like, when the opportunity presents itself for all three of us […]

Might and Magic: Heroes and Kingdoms- Shameless Plug

August 25, 2010

-by Brian Ever wanted to experience the thrill of horseback riding at full speed through a lush and detailed 3D environment?  Have you ever wanted to achieve the solemn satisfaction that only comes after brutally slaying an evil horde of monsters with your ferocious real-time button mashing skillz? Well, this game offers none of that, […]

GOW and LBP PS3 Controller Bundle- Best Buy

July 6, 2010

– by Brian Word on the street (net) is that Best Buy is currently offering bundles of a PS3 controller with either the God of War collection or Little Big Planet for a retail price of $59.99.  Considering that a new controller is typically $54.99 on it’s own, paying an extra $5 to get a […]