A jab at gaming – with love

How Do We Cover Games?

We play games that we think we would enjoy. We will write our early impressions of a game, then write our final impressions/review of the game. We will always include information about whether the game will be a good for couple (e.g. can you play together?, will this game take you away from your relationship?, etc.) or good for the kiddos.

We also review games on a 4 star system.

0 stars = Do not play/buy/rent; waste of time; majorly flawed.

1 star = Do not buy, but possibly play; may have redeeming qualities, but cannot recommend; rent at your own risk.

2 stars = Possibly buy, but should play, especially if you enjoy the game genre; clearance or rental.

3 stars = Should buy, definitely play; good/great game; something new; good to pick up at full-price or on sale.

4 stars = Definitely buy, definitely play; excellent game; should not be missed by anyone; definitely worthy of a full-price purchase.

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