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More Drafts Than Published Articles

January 24, 2011

-By Josh So it has been a while and we are all lazy. So to give an update I figured I would give you a quick rundown of my top six (yes, 6) games of 2010, what I’m currently playing, and my most anticipated games of 2011. As I mostly play games on my PS3, […]

BioShock 2 Review

February 24, 2010

– By Allyn In 2007, 2K Games gave of the gaming world an FPS that wove together immersive, atmospheric gameplay with a unique and thought provoking storyline:  They gave us BioShock.  And by “us” I mean not really all of us, since PS3 owners had to salivate over screenshots until 2008…  but nonetheless, it was […]