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BBQ Sauce- Quantum of Solace

May 11, 2010

– by Brian Are you sitting down?  I’m not being rhetorical, I need to know.  Our site is not insured and I’m about to say something shocking.  Quantum of Solace is not only a game licensed off of a movie…  it’s also a good game.  Big breath now, are you still with me?  You okay? […]

MAG Impressions

February 25, 2010

-By Brian Magnanimous?  Magnifico?  Magniloquent?  Don’t worry, no one knows what these words actually mean.  Spell check doesn’t even recognize one of them.  But what does MAG mean?  What does MAG stand for?  Hopefully this blog will help to answer these questions for you. MAG originally was an acronym for Massive Action Game.  Although the […]

BioShock 2 Review

February 24, 2010

– By Allyn In 2007, 2K Games gave of the gaming world an FPS that wove together immersive, atmospheric gameplay with a unique and thought provoking storyline:  They gave us BioShock.  And by “us” I mean not really all of us, since PS3 owners had to salivate over screenshots until 2008…  but nonetheless, it was […]