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MAG DLC and Double XP Extravaganza

March 19, 2010

-By Brian Heads up for all you MAG lovers out there, not only are we getting some free DLC (the best kind of DLC, I might add) but there is also a double XP weekend coming up.  March 25th thru March 28th you’ll double your experience earned at the end of each match, which technically […]

MAG Impressions

February 25, 2010

-By Brian Magnanimous?  Magnifico?  Magniloquent?  Don’t worry, no one knows what these words actually mean.  Spell check doesn’t even recognize one of them.  But what does MAG mean?  What does MAG stand for?  Hopefully this blog will help to answer these questions for you. MAG originally was an acronym for Massive Action Game.  Although the […]