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Killzone 3 Review

March 18, 2011

by Brian Three strikes and you’re out.  It’s a simple enough concept for most to grasp.  From kids playing in little league, high school girls playing softball, all the way up to the performance enhanced playboys of summer like Alex Rodriguez; all understand this basic rule.  It’s probably the single most well known rule in […]

God of War III Review

April 5, 2010

By Josh God of War III is third hack and slash action game that features our anti-hero Kratos. If you’ve never played God of War, or a hack and slash action game, God of War is one of the most approachable games within the genre. For a history of the trilogy, I would recommend playing […]

Heavy Rain Review

March 9, 2010

-By Josh Heavy Rain is an adventure game that allows you as the player to control four different characters as their storylines are told individually in parallel and ultimately leading to an interwoven conclusion. Given how the game is played, many decisions are made by each of the characters that can lead to multiple conclusions […]

Heavy Rain Impression

February 24, 2010

– By Josh I assume that if you’re reading this you’ve probably heard of Heavy Rain. So I’m not going to explain what Heavy Rain is, but rather my early impressions of game (~ 3 hours). Don’t worry, they are spoiler free. What I like: Narrative – What keeps me interested in games is a […]