A jab at gaming – with love

What Are We About?

We wanted to present a forum where different types of gamers could present their impressions, reviews, rants, and commentary on what matters to them in the vast arena of video games.

We are like most gamers, we do not get paid to play or make games, we have no sponsors, and we do have wives/fiancees/girlfriends/kids/jobs (not all at once). We play games because we enjoy it and we talk about video games and gaming issues because it matters to us, not because we’re looking to sell games or magazines.

We are friends spanning 3 time zones who all love gaming.  We don’t always love the same games, but we will always give our honest opinions, and always try to acknowledge both the positives and negatives in every game and in our own experiences.  We will bring our own personal preferences, which you will get to know through our blogs and posts.  In Josh, Brian and Allyn, you will probably find at least one gamer whose gaming style and game preferences parallel yours, and through our semi-overlapping tastes, be able to get a better idea of what games to look for and what games are better left relegated to the dusty bottom shelf at GameStop, which will eventually be used as shiny discs in the annual GameStop vs. Best Buy Frolf tournament.

Finally, we want to give a perspective of games within the context of our personal relationships with our significant others. Gaming is great, but even better when you can involve your loved ones.

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